Academy Software Foundation hosts a Slack organization, which can be joined by going here. Slack serves as the primary communication platform for the Academy Software Foundation community outside of the mailing lists. There are thousands of members who should all expect to have a positive experience. It’s important that conversations stay on topic in each channel and that everyone abides by the Code of Conduct.

Chat is searchable and public. Do not make comments you would not say on a video recording or in another public space. Please be courteous to others.

Slack also maintains best practice etiquette, including basic usage tips and other recommendations to collaborate and communicate with others.

Slack as a medium is best suited for short-term and synchronous conversations; long-term conversations and tracking actions and plans are better suited for mailing lists, wikis, GitHub, and other similar mediums.

DM (Direct Message) Conversations

Please do not engage in proprietary company-specific conversations in the Academy Software Foundation Slack instance. This workspace is meant for Academy Software Foundation topics and community discussions. Proprietary conversations should occur in your company Slack or other communication platforms. As with all communication, please be mindful of appropriateness, professionalism, and applicability to the Academy Software Foundation community.

Specific Channel Rules

Some channels have specific rules or guidelines. If they do, they will be listed in the purpose or pinned docs of that channel.

Requesting a Channel

To add a channel, please submit a request.

Some general guidelines on new channels…

  • Channels should be dedicated to sub-projects, community topics, or related Academy Software Foundation programs/projects.
  • Linking to resources will speed up the validation and processing of the channel creation request.
  • Channels are NOT:
    • Company-specific
    • Private channels except: code of conduct matters, mentoring, security/vulnerabilities, GitHub management, or steering committee.
  • Special accommodations will be made where necessary.

Requesting a Bot, Token, or Webhook


Bots, tokens, and webhooks are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, with most requests being rejected due to security, privacy, and usability concerns. Bots and the like tend to make a lot of noise in channels. The Academy Software Foundation Slack instance has thousands of members and is crucial to ensure everyone has a great experience.

Typically approved requests include: GitHub, tool requests, or other tools/platforms used to manage Slack. Please submit a request to have this reviewed.

Escalating and Reporting Problems

Please submit a request if you encounter an issue using the Academy Software Foundation Slack.