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ASWF TAC Meeting - March, 2022

Video Conference Link

Voting member attendance

  • Kimball Thurston - Chairperson, Weta Digital Limited
  • Bill Roberts, Adobe
  • Gordon Bradley, Autodesk
  • Roy C Anthony, DNEG
  • Matthew Low, DreamWorks Animation
  • Christina Tempelaar-Lietz, Epic Games, Inc.
  • Brian Cipriano, Google & OpenCue Representative
  • Sean C McDuffee, Intel Corporation
  • Larry Gritz, Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Jean-Francois Panisset, VES Technology Committee
  • Cory Omand, The Walt Disney Studios
  • Daniel Heckenberg - Animal Logic Pty Ltd / Industry Representative
  • Eric Enderton, NVIDIA & Asset Repo Representative
  • Sean Looper, Amazon Web Services
  • Michael Min, Netflix
  • Michael B. Johnson, Apple
  • Greg Denton, Microsoft
  • Sean O’Connell, Advanced Micro Devices
  • Mark Visser, Unity Technologies
  • Ken Museth, OpenVDB Representative
  • Carol Payne, OpenColorIO Representative
  • Cary Phillips, OpenEXR Representative
  • Joshua Minor, OpenTimelineIO Representative
  • Chris Kulla, Open Shading Language Representative
  • Jonathan Stone, MaterialX Representative

Other Attendees

  • David Morin, ASWF
  • JT Nelson, Pasadena Open Source consortium / SoCal Blender group
  • Scott Wilson, Rust WG
  • Nick Porcino, Pixar Animation Studios
  • Sergio Rojas, Arena World
  • Allan Johns, Rez
  • Robert Fanner
  • Yoshiki Ishil
  • Josh Huitema
  • Eric Reinecke
  • Stephen Mackenzie
  • Alex Santo



  • At the Open Source Forum
  • Questions:
    • Where do I find all the updates and what we are working on?
    • We will make the presentation available, it is not a public presentation, but can be shared with members.
    • Kimball: we don’t do a good job of publishing our roadmap.
    • If we were to put this information somewhere, where should it be? “One stop shop” for all updates, or look at individual project web sites / repos?
    • Up to date roadmap would be useful for people joining the projects, reuse the work that was done in the presentation
    • Individual projects / WGs can reuse their specific slide content
    • Could reuse the TAC section to add to the TAC repo
  • Sync up with VES Tech Committee last year, should we do this again?
    • With the timing for SIGGRAPH / Reference platform, a good time to do this?
    • May not be as eventful as last year, since we have better coordination
    • Kimball: will set up a sync up
    • Cary: we should do some projection of releases throughout the next year, so have a collective plan in place before talking to the Reference Platform?
    • Kimball: so maybe in 2-3 meetings time, so we have time to think about our plans.
    • Discussion in context of not just Reference Platform, but also Desktop and Qt, is there a role for the TAC to play here.
  • Google Summer of Code (Carol)
    • ASWF was accepted for GSoC!
    • TSC chairs / mentors: people working on their applications are looking for “good first issues”, so they can demonstrate that they can successfully build the project, sign the CLA, and submit a small change.
    • GSoC has opened up their admission process, much wider than in previous years. Submitting a PR for even an experienced developer can be tricky, so having Good First Issues set up is a good first step.
    • #gsoc-2022 Slack channel is open for people to ask questions / guidance. We may soon have an influx of people with questions. Mentors will need to help. Will try to take care of general issues (CLA, signing commits…). For build issues, will need specific project people to help.
    • We don’t know yet how many students we’ve been approved for. But expect a large number of applications. Probably half of applications will not qualify, but want to minimize this by making ourselves available. As org admins and mentors, take all valid applications and rank them, then we submit ranking order back to Google, and they decide how many we get. A guess would be we might get around 4? Larry: limited by number of people committed to being mentors. Last year we got 3, but hard to tell. Carol: we have to do more work before we get a realistic picture of what things will look like this summer.
    • D&I group will create a form letter announcing ASWF’s involvement with GSoC, individual TSCs can send a version of that letter to their contacts to encourage people who wouldn’t normally apply to GSoC to get a greater diversity of applicants. You can also do this on your own of course.
  • Kimball: Thank you again to everyone for all the work that went into putting together the Forum.