Academy Software Foundation - Technical Advisory Council (TAC) Meeting - October 4, 2023

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Voting member attendance

Premier member Representatives

  • Bill Roberts - Adobe Inc.
  • Brian Cipriano - Google LLC
  • Cory Omand - The Walt Disney Studios
  • Eric Enderton - NVIDIA Corporation
  • Eric Reinecke - Netflix, Inc.
  • Erik Niemeyer - Intel Corporation
  • Esteban Papp - Amazon Web Services, Inc.
  • Gordon Bradley - Autodesk
  • Greg Denton - Microsoft Corporation
  • Jean-Michel Dignard - Epic Games, Inc
  • Kimball Thurston - Weta Digital Limited
  • Larry Gritz - Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Mark Visser - Unity Technologies
  • Matthew Low - DreamWorks Animation
  • Michael B Johnson - Apple Inc.
  • Scott Dyer - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • Sean O’Connell - Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • Tony Micilotta - DNEG

Project Representatives

  • Carol Payne - OpenColorIO Representative
  • Cary Phillips - OpenEXR Representative
  • Chris Kulla - Open Shading Language (OSL) Representative
  • Jonathan Stone - MaterialX Representative
  • Joshua Minor - OpenTimelineIO Representative
  • Ken Museth - OpenVDB Representative

Industry Representatives

  • Jean-Francois Panisset - Visual Effects Society

Non Voting Project, Working Groups, Linux Foundation

  • Alexander Forsythe - RAW to ACES Utility Representative
  • Alexander Schwank - USD Working Group Representative
  • Daniel Greenstein - OpenImageIO Representative
  • Erik Strauss - Open Review Initiative Representative
  • Gary Oberbrunner - OpenFX Representative
  • Jean-Christophe Morin - Rez Representative
  • Nick Porcino - USD Working Group Representative
  • Rachel Rose - D&I Working Group Representative
  • Scott Wilson - Rust WG Representative
  • Stephen Mackenzie - Rez Representative
  • Tom Cowland - OpenAssetIO Representative
  • David Morin - Epic Games, Inc
  • Emily Olin - Academy Software Foundation
  • John Mertic - The Linux Foundation
  • Yarille Kilborn - The Linux Foundation

Other Attendees

  • JT Nelson, Pasadena Open Source consortium / SoCal Blender group
  • Spencer Stephens, MovieLabs
  • Bill Ballew, Dreamworks
  • Andrew Grimberg, LF RelEng
  • Robin Rowe, CinePaint
  • Doug Walker, Autodesk / OCIO
  • Deke Kincaid, Digital Domain


  • Joshua Minor - OpenTimelineIO Representative

Antitrust Policy Notice

Linux Foundation meetings involve participation by industry competitors, and it is the intention of the Linux Foundation to conduct all of its activities in accordance with applicable antitrust and competition laws. It is therefore extremely important that attendees adhere to meeting agendas, and be aware of, and not participate in, any activities that are prohibited under applicable US state, federal or foreign antitrust and competition laws.

Examples of types of actions that are prohibited at Linux Foundation meetings and in connection with Linux Foundation activities are described in the Linux Foundation Antitrust Policy available at If you have questions about these matters, please contact your company counsel, or if you are a member of the Linux Foundation, feel free to contact Andrew Updegrove of the firm of Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which provides legal counsel to the Linux Foundation.


Conflict with Sci-Tech meeting, so short meeting.

  • Transition to LFX Meeting Management #460
  • D&I Working Group Project Review- 10/4 #473
  • Swag Store feedback #446
  • Dev Days Update #476
  • Project Proposal - OpenQMC #434
  • Discuss use of OpenSSF Best Practices badge in lifecycle stage requirements. #502


  • Transition to LFX Meeting Management #460
    • Kimball: no option for persistent login to LF account? Andrew: you SAML SSO credentials are staying live since you are in more LF meetings, whereas others may have them expire. For instance if you are attending TAC meeting every 2 weeks. Not sure what’s the expiration on the SAML login, but likely between 1 and 2 weeks.
    • John: Down to 6 projects to move over to LFX. Does raw2aces have meetings? Kimball: not really, although now have another contributor, delegating most of it. John: will reach out to remaining 5 projects to move over, it’s relatively painless. Any issues? JT: some groups with a lot of visitors are saying it can be a bit of a pain for infrequent attendees. John: only thing a visitor has to do is put in their name. JT: could be obsolete info. John: we’ve loosened requirements, no more need to create LF account. Kimball: last time I tried (a month or 2 ago) found it difficult to browse and find meetings through LF portal, couldn’t reaily find it if I wasn’t already on the meeting. John: we copy them to the LF Community Calendar, but need to make all the calendars for a project to be able to subscribe as a iCal calendar. Andy: yes, we have that outstanding request, hopefully will get implemented by the team in charge. John: will reach out to remaining projects and move them over.
  • D&I Working Group Project Review- 10/4 #473
    • Postponed by one meeting, OCIO will be Nov 1st (also Carol)
    • Carol: what’s a good way to keep track of these schedule items? John: email notifications from GitHub issues? But could also ping people a week ahead. I knew about OCIO, but completely lost track of D&I WG.
  • Swag Store feedback #446
    • John: reminder that if you have feedback, please add it there. Yarille is looking at it and making adjustments. Kimball: positive feedback at last meeting, and even some orders.
  • Dev Days Update #476
    • Carol: participant in Dev Days have been hearing a lot from me, so don’t really don’t have that much. Up to 60 registrants, which is a lot. If you get an email from Olga at MPC, she’s helping to manage the effort (she reached out to volunteer). You’ll be getting emails from her, and you will continue to hear from us. Even if you aren’t a project maintainer, if you are interested in volunteering for the event for a period of time and be on hand, we could use folks to monitor the DevDays Slack channels, we want to have coverage for the whole 48H of the event since we have people in other timezones. If you have a few hours, feel free to add yourself to the spreadsheet. You can sign up for a specific project, but also can sign up for general help.
    • You’ll hear from us about company CLAs, should be fine for companies that already have CLAs in place for some ASWF projects, but concentrating on companies that don’t have any CLAs in place. Trying to make companies aware that this will be required for being able to merge contributions.
    • Kimball: will there be a cutoff? Some of the people at Weta may not have signed up yet. If we don’t need a cutoff, may not want to? Caroll: since we haven’t listed it up front, we won’t have a hard cutoff, we know that people don’t always prepare ahead of time. We want to encourage people to participate. Kimball: also some people have signed up with personal instead of company emails. Carol: even if they did that, in the registration form we ask for company affiliation, we should be able to figure it out as long as they have filled that field out.
    • Kimball: excited to see how it goes! Carol: a bit nervous, may be a bit chaotic, but looking forward to it.
  • Project Proposal - OpenQMC #434
    • Kimball: Eric was investigating whether NVIDIA was going to say anything or not, haven’t heard back. John: believe it’s still being worked on, keeping Framestore folks updated so they know things are still happening.
  • Discuss use of OpenSSF Best Practices badge in lifecycle stage requirements. #502