Resource Request Process

This document outlines the process for hosting projects to have resource requests granted. Resources could mean several different things, including but not limited to:

  • Infrastructure needs ( website, CI/CD, communication tools, other software/hardware )
  • Skill needs ( documentation writing, training, events )
  • Goods ( stickers, t-shirts, other swag )

Request Process

Projects needing resources should aim to request funding 2-3 months before the need arises. If possible, projects should propose funding needs for the subsequent year in September/October during budget planning.

Project Resource Request Form

Projects should submit resource requests as an issue in the TAC repo to make the request.

Request review - TAC

The TAC will do the initial review of resource requests as part of its regular meeting business. The TAC review criteria will include…

  • Lifecycle Stage of the project; Adopted Stage projects have the highest priority, Incubation Stage projects are considered after that, and Sandbox Stage projects will be considered for funding on a case-by-case basis.
  • Previous funding requests of the project; with limited funds, the TAC will ensure projects have equal access to funding based on their lifecycle stage.
  • Are there other tools/services being provided which could be used instead? Having two of the same or similar tools/services reduces funds available for other projects and can create silos.

Request review - Governing Board/Budget Committee

Once the TAC approves, the TAC chair will share the budget request with the Budget Committee.

The main review from the budget committee is to ensure enough budget is left for the request; if more is needed, then the budget committee will do a reforecast for this request and other anticipated needs and submit it to the Governing Board for approval.

The Budget Committee will monitor the budget for project requests and propose re-forecasts to the Governing Board for approval.