Working Groups

Modeled off of CNCF Working Group model ( )

The purpose of working groups are to study and report on a particular question and make recommendations based on its findings. The end result of a working group may be a new project proposal, landscape, whitepaper or even a report detailing its findings. The intention of working groups is not to host a full project or specification. Working Groups can be formed at any time but must be sponsored by a TAC member and with an affirmative vote of the Academy Software Foundation TAC. The TAC can also shut down a working group with a super majority vote.

Forming a working group

Parties interested in forming a working group should submit the charter to the TAC and then it will be added to the agenda for the next TAC meeting for review and approval. A working group will not be designated and recognized as an official Academy Software Foundation Working Group until the TAC approves the charter.

Working Group activities and collaboration

Working groups generally will meet on a regular basis and operate in an open and transparent way. Academy Software Foundation provides working groups access to Zoom, a mailing list, Slack channel, wiki space, and GitHub repo. Please submit a request to have this infrastructure created.

Working groups should operate within the scope of the mission, goals, non-goals, and deliverables listed in the approved charter. Any changes in scope must be reflected in the working group charter and approved by the TAC.


Working Groups will present to the TAC its progress towards the mission, goals, and deliverables listed in the approved charter after 6 months from when the working group was formally approved. This is an opportunity for the working group to elevate any concerns or needs from the TAC to complete its mission, goals, non-goals, and deliverables. If there is insufficent progress within the working group, the TAC may opt to close the working group with a 2/3 majority vote of TAC members.

After one year, the working group is expected to have completed the mission, goals, non-goals, and deliverables listed in the approved charter. If the working group has not completed its mission, goals, non-goals, and deliverables, and its of the opinion of the TAC that it can be completed, the TAC may opt to extend the working group for up to 1 year with a 2/3 majority vote of TAC members.

Long-term working group

The TAC may also opt to establish the working group as a long-term working group after its 1 year anniversary with a 2/3 majority vote of TAC members, if it is deemed that such a working group is essential for the sustainability of the Academy Software Foundation. It is expected that a long-term working group has its charter reviewed and revisted annually with the approval of the TAC.

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