TAC Roles

The TAC has several leadership roles, which provide both the TAC and the hosted projects and working groups with support and oversight to ensure a healthy ecosystem. This document outlines those roles and the processes regarding appointment and selection.

Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

Per the Academy Software Foundation Directed Fund Charter, Section 7(f), the role of the TAC Chairperson is as follows:

The TAC representatives will elect a chair to preside over meetings, ensure minutes are taken and drive the TAC agenda with input from the TAC representatives

The Chairperson role serves a term of one year. A Vice Chairperson role has been established to ensure continuity and increase leadership support. The Vice Chairperson both supports and shadows the Chairperson so that they can serve as Chairperson the following year. The chart below illustrates this.

  Year : Chairperson : Vice Chairperson
  2024 : A : B
  2025 : B : C
  2026 : C : D
  2027 : D : E

The TAC annually will hold an election to elect a new Vice-Chairperson, following the ASWF election guidelines. The TAC Chairperson and TAC Vice Chairpeson must be voting members of the TAC at the time of the election.

TAC Representative to the Governing Board

By default, the TAC Chairperson serves as the TAC Representative to the Governing Board. However, if the TAC Chairperson wishes to delegate this responsibility, they may do so and appoint a TAC Representative to the Governing Board, subject to TAC Approval.