This document is intended to be a template for working groups established by the TAC, to be used as the file in its repository. All items in italics are descriptions of what context should be there; it is intended to be replaced by content. It is modeled off the CNCF Serverless WG.

The intention is that each WG has its own GitHub repo under the Academy Software Foundation organization.

Working group name

Describe the purpose of the group in no more that 4-5 sentences.

Goals are the distinct outcomes that is to be anticipated from the working group, serving as a method for validating activities.

Goals of the WG are:

  1. goal 1

_Non-goals are things that the working group are intentionally choosing not to do, the things not expected to change due to the working groups efforts, or the subject matter areas that the working groups doesn’t want to address at this time. _

Non-goals of the WG are:

  1. non goal 1

The TAC member sponsor of this working group is TAC sponsor name


provide a list of planned deliverables, or links to the deliverables. A best practice is to have a directory named deliverables in the repo for hosting and managing deliverables.


This WG communicates on the following channels:

  • link to mailing list
  • slack channel
  • any other channels


See the Academy Software Foundation public calendar. This WG meets meeting day/time and frequency.

provide the Zoom/conference call details

In-person meetings

list if applicable, or skip if not

Meeting notes

Meeting notes, recordings, and any presentations made during WG meetings are available here.