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ASWF Working Groups

Modeled off of CNCF Working Group model ( )


The purpose of working groups are to study and report on a particular question and make recommendations based on it’s findings. The end result of a working group may be a new project proposal, landscape, whitepaper or even a report detailing it’s findings. The intention of working groups is not to host a full project or specification. Working Groups can be formed at any time but must be sponsored by a TAC member and with an affirmative vote of the ASWF TAC. The TAC can also shut down a working group with a super majority vote.


If you would like to submit a working group proposal, please submit the template to the TAC. Working groups can begin formation to complete the template before TAC approval, but will not have official designation as an ASWF Working Group until TAC approval. You will also have to present to the ASWF TAC and wider community before your WG proposal will be voted upon by the TAC.


Q: Who can propose a new working group?

A: Anyone can propose a new working group ( whether from an ASWF member organization or not ), but it must be sponsored by a TAC member.

Q: Can working groups have infrastructure during formation to enable collaboration?

A: Yes! Please submit a request on the foundation repo and we can provide a mailing list, Slack channel, and GitHub repo.

Q: What if the goals or mission of the working group change?

A: The TAC recognizes that in the lifecycle of a working group goals or mission may change. In those cases, the working group must present to the TAC an updated version of their template for approval.