Individual Contributor License Agreement (“Agreement”)

Thank you for your interest in the [COMMON NAME] (hereinafter “Project”). In order to clarify the intellectual property licenses granted with Contributions from any corporate entity to the Project, [SERIES ENTITY] is required to have an Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA) on file that has been signed by each contributing individual. (For legal entities, please use the Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA).)

Each contributing individual (“You”) must accept and agree that, for any Contribution (as defined below), You are bound by the licenses granted and representations made herein.

“Contribution” means any code, documentation or other original work of authorship that is submitted to [SERIES ENTITY] for inclusion in the Project by You or by another person authorized to make the submission on Your behalf.

You accept and agree that all of Your present and future Contributions to the Project shall be:

Submitted under a Developer’s Certificate of Origin v. 1.1 (DCO); and Licensed under the [PROJECT LICENSE].

Signature: ______________

Name: ___________________

Date: ___________________