ASWF TAC Meeting - June 05, 2019

Voting member attendance

  • Daniel Heckenberg - Chairperson, Animal Logic Pty Ltd
  • Gordon Bradley, Autodesk
  • Mark McGuire, Blue Sky Studios, Inc.
  • Michael O’Gorman, Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Henry Vera, Double Negative
  • Jeff Bradley for Bill Ballew, DreamWorks
  • Matt Kuhlenschmidt, Epic Games, Inc.
  • Brian Cipriano, Google
  • Jim Jeffers, Intel Corporation
  • Larry Gritz, Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Jean-Francois Panisset, VES Technology Committee
  • Cory Omand, The Walt Disney Studios
  • Kimball Thurston, Weta Digital Limited
  • Ken Museth, OpenVDB Representative
  • Michael Dolan, OpenColorIO Representative
  • Cary Philips, OpenEXR Representative
  • Eric Enderton, NVIDIA


Other Attendees

  • Greg Gewickey, Jeff Bradley (DreamWorks)
  • Emily Olin (Linux Foundation)
  • John Mertic (Linux Foundation)


  • No preset agenda
  • Larry: in the process of having to duplicate OpenEXR headers in OSL, would be nice to fix up
  • Could speak to Nick Porcino about Boost Python in Windows build
  • Larry: where should we be with minimum CMake version? Kimball: still hoping to work on Cmake recipes repo.
  • There are version links between Cmake and Boost?
  • We need to line up releases for SIGGRAPH for ASWF marketing
  • Emily: want to do press releases for new versions ahead of SIGGRAPH to drive people to sessions / BOFs. In process of building pages on web site to list activities at the show, schedule is pretty close to final. Not putting up the Wednesday schedule since it’s smaller groups. Lunch time event: meet the maintainers, invite project leads from across the industry, also board members who can make it (90m).
  • Open Source day at JW Marriott
  • RSVP pages on web site, invites to mailing lists, some more targeted invites
  • Marketing assets: website logos, social media graphics, t-shirts, stickers
  • TAC meeting on Wednesday, still to be locked down
  • Emily: putting together agenda for open source maintainers meeting, need recommendations for external projects, invitations to be sent from someone who have one on one relations
  • Mike: CI update for OCIO: pull request in GitHub for Azure Pipelines / SonarCloud / gcov, being refined based on feedback, covers 3 platforms, Docker containers for Linux, native for Mac and Windows. Docker based on what Dan did for OpenVDB. Will share the results of the discussion on email thread to TAC list. Azure Pipelines free went much faster than Travis / CircleCI (6 min instead of 30), which is great. Expanded a lot on what Travis and AppVeyor were doing, configuration looks more verbose but takes advantage of more functionality. Next major milestone would be to connect a non-free GPU instance (could be Windows to test DirectX and OpenGL on same host) for GPU accelerated testing. GPU accelerated VMs could come from another cloud provider if needed.
  • Emily: is OCIO v2 to be announced at SIGGRAPH? Mike: no hard date yet, probably still a year of work, so can talk about new work / projects, but too early for an official announcement, still focused on 1.x releases.
  • John: OpenVDB and OpenColorIO making progress on CII badging, hopefully by SIGGRAPH we should have a couple of projects close to meeting all requirements (hangup typically on designated security expert).
  • Ending early

  • Next meeting
    • 19 June 2019
    • Daniel on leave for next 3 weeks, will hand over chair duties to John