AWSF TAC Meeting - December 5, 2018

Voting member attendance

[X] Daniel Heckenberg - Chairperson, Animal Logic Pty Ltd [ ] Gordon Bradley, Autodesk [ ] Mark McGuire, Blue Sky Studios, Inc. [ ] Michael O’Gorman, Cisco Systems Inc. [ ] Henry Vera, Double Negative [X] Bill Ballew, DreamWorks Animation [X] Matt Kuhlenschmidt, Epic Games, Inc. [ ] Brian Cipriano, Google [ ] Jim Jeffers, Intel Corporation [X] Larry Gritz, Sony Pictures Imageworks [X] Jean-Francois Panisset, VES Technology Committee [X] Cory Omand, The Walt Disney Studios [ ] Kimball Thurston, Weta Digital Limited [X] Ken Museth, OpenVDB Representative

Quorum NOT achieved


  • Technical Project updates
    • OpenVDB
  • OpenColorIO application review
  • CI updates
    • Working group
    • SonarQube analysis for CII badge
    • (LF) Action item from OpenVDB: Nexus IQ scans
    • (LF) SideFX Houdini API for CI usage. EULA evaluation.
  • Update on candidate projects
    • OpenEXR
    • CMakeTools
    • others?
  • License and CLA Guidelines

  • Goals for TAC: Year 1

  • Next meetings

Action Items (AIs)


Daniel introduced Ken to the group as the OpenVDB representative to the TAC. Ken gave background on himself and an update on the OpenVDB project. Ken indicated that AutoDesk reached out in the past week to see if there is interest in bringing in some of thier technology into OpenVDB; the TSC is reviewing and determining if there is a fit. There was some discussion on the copyright notices in the files themselves and the status of the CI and build system.

Larry presented the OpenColorIO project for inclusion at the Incubation stage, walking through the application sent via the email list. Since there was no quorum, Daniel suggested to take the vote via email once Larry has the charter ready as well.

OpenEXR had no updates, still working through legal review. No updates from CMakeTools either.

David presented the year 1 goals for the ASWF. David shared that the group could meeting in February in person if they wish; Daniel said he would discuss via email with the group to gauge interest.

Daniel asked TAC meetings to review the list of projects identified during the formation process as possible projects to include ( ).

Daniel gave an update on the CI Working Group, indicated there is some documentation and tooling established for building the VFX Platform. Daniel also shared that there is some exploration for static analysis tools, and discussion ensued on the requirements for such tools.


16:06:58 From Daniel Heckenberg : Agenda: 16:06:59 From Daniel Heckenberg : 16:18:42 From Daniel Heckenberg : OpenColorIO application: 16:42:44 From JF Panisset (VES Tech Committee) : 16:47:16 From Daniel Heckenberg : 1) The commercial / paid C language plugin from Sonar themselves: SonarCFamily 2) A community alternative: 16:48:13 From JF Panisset (VES Tech Committee) : is one survey 16:50:38 From Patrick Hodoul (Autodesk) : 16:57:52 From John Mertic : 17:02:13 From Cory Omand (Pixar) : I will be out of the office January 2nd 17:02:30 From JF Panisset (VES Tech Committee) : I’m avaialble