AWSF TAC Meeting - September 5, 2018

Voting Member Attendees

  • Daniel Heckenberg, Animal Logic Pty Ltd
  • Henry Vera, Double Negative
  • Mark McGuire, Blue Sky Studios, Inc.
  • Bill Ballew, DreamWorks Animation
  • Gordon Bradley, Autodesk
  • Kimball Thurston, Weta Digital Limited
  • Brian Cipriano - Google
  • Christina Tempelaar-Leitz, Epic Games, Inc. ( delegate of Matt Kuhlenschmidt )
  • Steve May, The Walt Disney Studios

Voting Member Regrets

  • Matt Kuhlenschmidt, Epic Games, Inc.
  • Michael O’Gorman, Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Jim Jeffers, Intel Corporation


Action Items (AIs)

  • Doodle to form group to investigate build/CI for projects needing non-open source dependencies


John Mertic indicated the Chairperson election is ongoing, and closes on 9/7.

John Mertic asked for any further comments on the project proposal lifecycle and proposal template. Henry Vera said he would like to add some comments to the document now that it’s in GitHub.

Andrew and Bill presented the OpenVDB Proposal. The following feedback came from the TAC:

  • There were questions raised around patent implications. Mike Dolan indicated that a legal committee should review this and come back with a suggested response.
  • There were questions around dependency management for a project, and if the TAC should have a role here. Mike Dolan indicated that each project should manage this indivudually because they can change from release to release.
  • There were questions on the resource costs to the project. Andrew indicated that he would share those and Thanh would review.
  • Andrew also indicated that the internal code checks and processes would be contributed.
  • There was also discussion of the desire to improve code quality with the move under the AWSF.
  • There was a question of whether in makes sense to change the license. Mike Dolan indicated the TAC could at the time of the project coming in, but this could delay the process.

There was some additional discussion on having open source projects included have commerical license dependencies. Mike Dolan raised concerns on the CI/build Infrastructure being more complicated with commericial dependencies, and the TAC then discussed forming a group to investigate this more.

John Mertic brought forward a motion to approve OpenVDB as an Incubation project. Kimball motioned, Henry seconded, and all voted in favor.