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Project Contribution Proposal Template

Please answer each of the questions below to the best of your ability and submit to for consideration.

  • Name of the project (existing or proposed):

  • Requested project maturity level (select one): Sandbox or Adopted or Incubation

  • Project description (please describe the purpose and function of the project, its origin and its significance to the ecosystem):

  • Please explain how this project is aligned with the mission of ASWF?

  • What is the project’s license for code contributions and methodology for code contributions. ASWF maintains recommendations for contribution and licensing for hosted projects.

  • What tool or platform is utilized for source control (GitHub, etc.) and what is the location (e.g. URL)?

  • What are the external dependencies of the project, and what are the licenses of those dependencies?

  • What roles does the project have (e.g. maintainers, committers?) Who are the current core committers of the project, or which can a list of committers be found?

  • What mailing lists are currently used by the project?

  • What tool or platform is leveraged by the project for issue tracking?

  • Does the project have a OpenSSF Best Practices Badge? Do you foresee any challenges obtaining one? (See:

  • What is the project’s website? Is there a wiki?

  • What social media accounts are used by the project?

  • What is the project’s release methodology and cadence?

  • Are any trademarks, registered or unregistered, leveraged by the project? Have any trademark registrations been filed by the project or any third party anywhere in the world?