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ASWF CI Working Group

Meeting: 11 December 2019


  • Daniel Heckenberg (Animal Logic, TAC Chair)
  • Jean-Francois Panisset (VES Technology Committee)
  • Dan Bailey (ILM)
  • Brian Cipriano (OpenColorIO / Google)
  • Michael Dolan (OCIO / Epic Games)
  • Jeff Bradley (Dreamworks)
  • Aloys Baillet (Animal Logic)

Agenda & Notes

ASWF CI Goals to end year 2019 [0:00-0:10]

  • Linux, Windows, Mac platform support
    • Not a full support for Windows / Mac to the level of Linux
  • GPU CI support
    • Some good progress
  • CMake best practice
    • Still WIP
  • Top of tree builds for classic CI workflows
    • Still WIP
  • VFXPlatform 2020 / Python 3
    • Python 3 support / transition for all our projects

Follow ups: [0:10-0:30]

  • GPU-enabled CI
    • Azure pipelines dynamic instances. JF’s post.
    • Sean from AWS offered a GPU instance for now, JF recommends we go ahead with the current “full time” approach.
    • Should look at removing dependency on GLX from OCIO
    • Michael: OCIO would have no issue with splitting CI in parts to pre-create a builder. Issues with not having admin access to pipeline setups.
    • Need to talk to Andrew at LF RelEng to figure out which accounts to use.
    • Should try to get one more step done before end of year.
    • JF to join OCIO Slack channel, easier to discuss.
  • Docker image build updates
    • Feedback / reviewer required. Aloys’ post
    • Last batch of updates to Docker build images
    • Split off some packages
    • Support for USD builds
    • Changes make sense, using images from this PR to build USD Maya at AL
    • Aloys feels confident about the changes, but can’t merge without a review
    • Got a comment from Christina, was looking for Python 2.7 added to 2020 image, was hoping to do this work after the first PR is merged, request is to have the VFX 2020 image have both Python 2.7 and 3.7, so can build and run OpenEXR tests against both versions. Question of which Python is the default, 2.7 or 3.7?
    • Maybe Python 2.7 could be in a derived image? Or at least available on the side?
    • Michael: OCIO is targeting specific VFX Ref Platform versions, and for 2020 will target the Python version for that year (3.7).
    • Aloys: gets complicated with building and packaging separate versions of Boost Python.
    • Daniel: can someone volunteer as a reviewer? JF: happy to do that, the project chair on that repo. Michael will take a look as well. Jeff took a look as well.
    • Aloys: Animal Logic starting to use those Docker images internally.
    • Aloys put in ticket to add JF to aswf-docker repo

CI Updates for Projects [0:30-0:40]

  • OpenTimelineIO
  • OpenCue
    • Nothing new on that side.
    • Have been talking with Andy and John to publish .deb and .rpm
    • Build is not CMake based, using Gradle, packaging is currently just tarballs.
    • Would it be worth using CPack from CMake? Supports MSIs and DMGs as well (not sure if CPack works cross platform).
  • OpenColorIO
  • OpenEXR
  • OpenVDB

CI Platform [0:40-0:50]

Action Items

  • JF to follow up on ASWF sample project, Aloys is interested, will fork and update.

Next Steps

  • Follow up meeting: 8 January 2020