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ASWF CI Working Group

Meeting: 28 November 2018


Daniel Heckenberg (AL, TAC Chair)

Aloys Baillet (AL)

Thanh Ha (LF)

John Mertic (LF)

JF Panisset (VES)

Doug Walker (ADSK)

Kimball Thurston (Weta)

Robert Vinluan (SESI)

Agenda & Notes

Previous Action Items

Getting started documentation for ASWF CI (JF)

Apologies for poor formatting, a lot of this came from a MarkDown document.

Packer config to build VFX Reference Platform (Aloys)

Update of base image with Red Hat Developer Tools which provides the compiler specified by the VFX Reference Platform.

CMakeTools license (Daniel)

Discussions in TAC meeting and CI working group have been inconclusive. Kimball and John are regrouping to find a practical solution (see CMakeTools notes below).

ASWF TAC Goals for Year 1

  • 6 projects, including CMakeTools?

    • JF: See Sam Richard’s industry OSS summary (posted to TAC list)
  • VFX Reference Platform based dependencies

  • Stretch goals:

    • Downloadable and installable artefacts

    • Windows, Mac support

      • Doug Walker: OCIO would value Windows, Mac and GPU highly
  • Action Item: Follow up with Vendors to see if they can contribute experience and expertise.

Sonar Qube for CII Badge

  • Streamline project adoption

  • C/C++ analysis plugin requires a commercial license

    • Would need to budget for this (refer to TAC)

    • This creates an infrastructure replication challenge

    • seems to have an interesting survey of static analysis tools sorted by programming language


  • Updates:

  • Including VFX Reference Platform logic

    • Simple mechanism for cross-project package discovery and inclusion
  • Attempt to separate liberally licensed (MIT?) or public domain sharable snippets from the core repo under standard (Apache v2?) license

Integration with Commercial Applications

  • Build / Distribution of same or “updated” components / plugins used and distributed with commercial DCC Apps

  • Action Item: Establish ways to identify and make reproducible builds of the shipping versions of components?

Next Steps

  • Follow up meeting: 12 December

  • Google Docs export to MarkDown: